Microsoft Certified Trainers Explain MCSE

Originally posted by Born to Learn

We came across two great videos made by Microsoft Certified Trainers, in which they both share their take on the new MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) and explain what the changes mean to MCITP. We (Microsoft Learning) made the announcement, but it takes Microsoft Certified Trainers to really break it down for you. Watch and listen to both as they're two very different styles but equally informative.

Businessman and IT Team

Thank you to Doug Bassett and Michael Murphy for the videos and messages, and hat tip to Chris Avis (we found Michael's video via Chris' blog).

You can see view the videos on the Born to Learn blog here

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  1. Mr. Wharty says:

    MCT’s have always been leaders when it comes to the dissemination of certification information.  If you spend a bit of time on the Born to Learn website, you’ll see that Doug and Michael are frequent contributors.  Thanks for sharing

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