Cloud for education: Forefront and Windows InTune

To follow on from our recent post Cloud for education: Windows Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the next post in this series includes a summary of Forefront Online for Exchange and Windows InTune.

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Microsoft Online Services and Education

imageWe’ve made a public big shift in our emphasis towards cloud-based services; but behind the scenes there have been very big changes going on for years to get ready for the day that cloud takes off right across the world.

I’m going to use ‘Cloud’ to represent all of the Internet services that users and institutions might be using. It might be a mix of desktop and web-based software, or an entirely web-based service. Either way, it’s something that involves a web-service as part of the IT delivery.


Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

This is a fully hosted service for managing the inbound and outbound flow of e-mail, through e-mail gateways with multiple filters that provide organizations with a defence against e-mail-borne malware, including spam, viruses, phishing scams, and e-mail policy violations. In addition, the service has a Web-based administrative console for writing rules to help enforce your organisation policies governing e-mail usage (eg limiting which domains users can send/receive email from etc)

How do you buy it?

You would normally buy it through your existing volume licence agreement, on a per-user or per-device basis.

Where to find out more

imageWindows InTune

This is a cloud service for managing Windows PCs over the web. It allows you to use a single web-based console, with tools for updates, malware protection, troubleshooting, remote assistance, security policy configuration and desktop virtualisation. The aim is to simplify PC management and improve the end-user experience.

It is ideal for smaller networks, such as managing a primary school network, or a remote network in a university which isn’t fully managed through your existing IT infrastructure.

How do you buy it?

You will pay per-device, per-month, and it can be purchased individually, or as part of your existing volume licence agreement.

Where to find out more

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