Small Basic – A great tool for introducing programming


Microsoft Small Basic is, in my opinion, one of the really cool platforms for introducing programming to younger students. A FREE simple IDE, a simple subset of BASIC, and built in turtle graphics all resonate with me. And a number of teachers around the world seem to agree.

What is really great is that we have some Excellent curriculum support. This includes a complete set of PowerPoint presentation with notes for teachers . There are other resources available

Get Started with Small Basic

Microsoft Small Basic puts the fun back into computer programming. With a friendly development environment that is very easy to master, it eases students of all ages into the world of programming.

Read the Small Basic FAQ

Download Small Basic from

Use the Getting Started Guide to start learning Small Basic

Use the curriculum to expand your knowledge

Read sample chapters from e-books to dive deep into Small Basic

Ask Questions in the Forums

Stay informed about Small Basic by reading our blog

Small Basic Curriculum Resources – Tutorials and Guides.

If you use this curriculum or anything else associated with Small Basic we would love to hear from you? Also any feedback about what we can do better or differently would be appreciated.

Originally posted on the UK Faculty Connection Blog.

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