New Cost Savings in Education eBook

Running until the end of September 2012, we have partnered with the Guardian to offer access to a range of great value-add assets via their vibrant Teacher Network communities.


We will be blogging about the work we are doing with the Guardian more extensively over the coming weeks, but one of the core elements of the work we are doing with them as part of this project is focused around launching an update to the cost savings eBook we produced a while back.

The new eBook will be exclusively available via the Guardian until the end of September and is packed full of great stories and advice from institutions across the sector. We are delighted with the outcome, especially when there's genuine impact not only on school budgets but on the learning experience of children and students, also.

The eBook can be viewed/downloaded directly from the Guardian's Teacher Network. We hope you like it and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

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