Apprentice and education leader helping young entrepreneurs in schools

Claire Young is a successful entrepreneur, who owns a business called School Speakers that puts motivational speakers into schools. Claire is also known for participating in the the Apprentice TV series three years ago.

On leaving the Apprentice, Claire had over 500 job offers, before starting her own property business. She sold her shares in that a year later and then started working in education.


Claire speaks in schools for all ages and different learning levels. She was first approached by a number of organisations asking her to visit them or to attend events. One of the requests was from a school in Blackpool where they explained that they had very low aspirations with teenage girls, and they would like Claire to visit as a young business woman and great role model. After the visit Claire realised how much she enjoyed the experience and that she wanted to continue working with students.

Claire then started up the TeenBiz scheme, which gives under 18s the opportunity to win funding and a mentor to start their own business, as well as a start up kit including a website and business cards. TeenBiz is open to anyone 13-18 years old with a solid business idea.

In this video Claire Young explains more about TeenBiz, entrepreneurship in schools, the use of technology in education and more.

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