OneNote Tip: Record audio and video in OneNote

OneNote is a great tool for use within the classroom and beyond. The ability to record and add both audio and video to your notes is a great feature and the following, snipped from the OneNote blog, gives a nice overview of how easy this is.

Record Audio

Want to record your lecture and add it to your class notes in OneNote? All you have to do is place your curser at the spot on the page where you want the audio, then on the Insert tab, click Record Audio. You can also move the file around on the page once the recording is done.

Click the arrow to the left of the recording to play it:

Or you can play it back using the controls that appear at the top of your page:

Record Video

Maybe you also want to capture your professor's lecture on video. The steps to recording a video are the same as recording audio--except you click a different button. On the Insert tab, click Record Video.

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