Brandon Generator

Powered by HTML5, the Windows Internet Explorer Brandon Generator project is written by Edgar Wright, also responsible for the popular films Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. The interactive animation is a unique graphic novel bought to life with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9. The all-star lineup continues with narration by Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) and animation by Marvel and Lucas film illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards, plus music from David Holmes.

This all-encompassing movie, game and comic book is a web experience to enjoy and immerse yourself in. Brandon is a writer who has writer’s block and passes out after drinking too much coffee. After he awakes, he finds himself surrounded by creativity he doesn’t remember. Viewers are invited to submit their thoughts on what those writings might look like, and using a mixture of comic-book style animation, video and sound, the site displays the suggestions.


The story has been designed to showcase the most stunning, visually rich and immersive experiences possible using IE9 and web standards-based HTML5 technology. HTML5 is the newest mark-up language for the web, and makes this production viewable on all modern browsers - although it’s best viewed in IE9. HTML5 is the fifth version of the standard first created in 1990. The aim of HTML5 is to improve support for the latest multimedia, whilst keeping it readable by all computers, devices, web browsers and apps.

Computer games in schools

Like lots of other games, when used with effective teaching practices, Brandon Generator can bring many important factors to education such as play, fun, rules, goals, problem solving, story interactivity, outcomes and feedback – all of which are significant features in learning. There are a number of ways that games can be used in schools including supporting existing educational outcomes, as a stimulus for thematic learning and also to get young people creating content rather than just consuming it through computer games design.

There is a growing body of research to suggest that Games Based Learning has a real pace in the 21st Century Education Systems. However, Games Based Learning has the most transformational impact when it is combined with good learning and teaching. In a classroom setting games should not be just used as rewards or for entertainment but as a whole new approach to learning.

You can follow Brandon on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the action. To access exclusive content and have Brandon's story within easy reach, consider switching to Windows 7 and IE9.


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