Helping educators use technology in learning: new Partners in Learning Teaching with Technology Curriculum

Educators who want to progress their skills in the use of technology in learning can be assisted with the new Partners in Learning Teaching with Technology Curriculum.

What is it?

The new Partners in Learning Teaching with Technology Curriculum helps educators develop competencies in the use of technology in teaching and learning.  Based in pedagogical best practice, the curriculum first assesses current competencies and helps fill learning gaps using engaging E-Learning. Focusing on areas of needed learning means educators engage only with the content relevant for them, saving precious time.


Aligned to the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, Technology Literacy Approach, educators using the curriculum will develop competency in six core areas:

1) Understanding how technology integration and government Education Policy connect

2) Curriculum and Assessment

3) Pedagogy

4) ICT/Technology Tools

5) Organisation and Administration

6) Professional Development

The curriculum enables educators to move beyond learning technology tools to develop a deeper understanding of how ICT integration can enhance the teaching and learning experience, enable 21st century skill acquisition, aide in their own professional development, and create efficiencies in the administrative work required of today's educators. 

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Why is it important?

Research shows that innovative teaching practices, supported by the ubiquitous of technology in the classroom, strongly predict students' acquisition of 21st Century Skills. In order for teachers to illicit those skills from students, they need to understand not just how to use the technology, but when to use it, why to use it, and how to choose which tool will best meet the learning objective.

How can you access it?

Available now via our IT Academy website and coming this summer to the Partners in Learning Network.

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