Understanding the costs of Google Apps

You may be considering adopting Google Apps in your school, college or university to balance the requirements of your messaging and collaboration infrastructure. On the surface, Google Apps may seem like acceptable replacements for products such as Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Office. But many organisations have found that Google Apps cause them extra, hidden costs.

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Organisations that have evaluated Google Apps have found that the projected versus actual costs of switching to Google Apps may greatly increase their total cost of ownership (TCO).  In particular, these IT organisations have found that Google Apps may require costly add-on applications, even for most small and medium-sized organisations.

The report below gives detailed information to help you understand the costs associated with using Google Apps.

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  1. AngryTechnician says:

    I'm no Google fanboy, but I really think this document needs updating if Microsoft are going to continue disseminating it. It's 15 months old at this point and some of the criticisms of Google Apps are simply no longer true. Page 9 in particular talks about the lack of a rename user ability, auditing, and admin delegation, all of which have been added since this document was first published.

    In my view Office 365 is still the superior service, but Microsoft isn't doing itself any favours to its reputation by making claims based on out-of-date information.

  2. Thanks for your comment on this post. We appreciate any feedback on our content.

    Glad to hear you like the Office 365 service.


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