Improved communication in education with Microsoft Lync 2010

With any luck we will soon be into summer, when we can (normally!) rely on good weather conditions for travel into school and work. But winter 2012 again saw more extreme weather conditions. These continued to increase school closure days and education institutions suffered the effects from unforeseen absences. As well as the snowy conditions stopping teachers, staff and students getting to schools, there are also other factors that can stall learning and the running of education institutions. According to the department of education, between autumn 2010 and spring 2011, 61% of student’s absences were due to illness. To add to this 2,700,000 teaching days each year are lost through sickness.

The great thing is, there is still a way for education staff and students to communicate even if they are absent from their school, college or university. Microsoft Lync 2010 is a communication solution where you can connect anywhere, anytime. It’s a unified communication client which includes instant messaging, meetings and voice options. With management possible from all devices including PC, Mac, browser, tablets, mobile and desk phones, it means increased access and availability when students and staff are using Lync.


Lync works with SharePoint, Outlook and other office applications, so it allows students and education staff to click from within applications that they routinely use. You can also collaborate more effectively with built-in application sharing, so assignments and documents can be shared between students, staff and peers.

Interaction is easily achieved, with whole-classes and teachers being able to communicate remotely, also making distance learning easy. Students and educators can communicate at any time from any location, so flexible learning is possible. Users can choose when to communicate with controlled availability.

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Here’s a summary of how your education institution can benefit from using Lync:

Connect with the right people fast

Find the right teacher, student, administrator, or staff person, and make richer connections, with new enhanced presence features, including pictures and locations.

Choose how you want to collaborate on projects

Collaborate your way, using desktop and application sharing, PowerPoint uploads, or rich whiteboarding, including the ability to copy and paste images.

Schedule and join meetings with a single click

Need to meet with other educators or students? Schedule a parent-teacher conference or staff meeting? Schedule and join meetings with a single click in Microsoft Outlook or in the meeting reminder.

Consolidate management tasks in one location

Dramatically simplify navigation with the new Silverlight-based, scenario-driven unified graphical management tool. Improve the security of your communication system using role-based Access Control (RBAC) with built-in and user-defined roles.

Extend and adapt Lync to your school’s changing needs

Embed Communicator UI elements in Word and other applications, and enhance collaboration by enabling educators and students to launch PowerPoint or other applications right from Communicator. Extend Lync access to all unified communications-enabled services from smartphones, and deliver advanced speech technology in 26 languages.

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