Why computer games are so powerful in education

There are many reasons why using computer games in the classroom are a successful way for students to learn. The use of games and consoles, such as the Xbox 360, are just a natural progression of the playful learning environment.

Here are some factors that simply explain why computer games are so powerful when used in schools and education:

Play – gives intensity and involvement

Fun – gives enjoyment and pleasure

Rules – gives structure

Goals – gives motivation

Problem solving – sparks creativity

Emotion – from games that have a story

Interaction – gives social groups

Outcomes and feedback – gives learning


With these factors considered, teachers have been using games and play in their classroom for the early years ‘play based’ curriculum, as well as using the multiple-choice games and simulations that are found in many secondary schools. Games and play have been key components in education for many years, and all types of play remain incredibly important for recreation, enterprise and education.

You can view our Computer Games in Education eBook below to find out about tools and practical tips to help you understand more about using computer games in the classroom.

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