New to subscription licensing? Get 50% off your first year…

For schools running Windows XP and old versions of Microsoft Office we are now offering schools a HALF PRICE trade-in agreement, letting you both get up-to-date this summer and get 50% discount off your first year. The “UTD” (Up To Date) offer is available to any school who has never had a subscription license agreement before (either EES or School Agreement).

You pay an annual fee based on your staff count and can then upgrade all of the school owned PCs and laptops, with no need to count your computers again! As an example, an “average” primary school with 25 Full-Time Staff pays just £1125 per-year to get access to a huge range of applications.

So, what is included?

Modern IT, Modern Curriculum

The Modern Education Desktop offers new and exciting opportunities to engage students, transform teaching and learning and improve the operational efficiency of your institution.

Bold claims, for sure, but we believe that the right technology and programmes can help empower every teacher with the tools and resources to understand and engage every student at their own pace, in the right place, and in a way that allows them to achieve their greatest potential. The Education Desktop is a key aspect of achieving this goal.

By utilising apps such as Office 2010, Windows 7, SkyDrive and Learning Suite, schools can provides an agile and powerful environment that is more able to adapt to current and future needs as the іmagіnatіons of educators and students demand.

Our webcast below gives more information on the concept of the Education Desktop.

For more information on the UTD Offer, and to start off on the journey of Modernising the Education Desktop, please contact your Microsoft reseller. Alternatively, to learn more about EES or to select a Microsoft licensing resellers, please refer to the resources below.

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