Computer Games Based Learning

In recent years computer Games Based Learning, or playful learning has started to gain more cohesion in classrooms as a powerful learning and teaching methodology.

The 2011 Horizon Report, which seeks to identify emerging trends in future teaching and learning, recognised Games Based Learning as a future trend that was within three years of adoption by the teaching community.

These findings are not isolated and there is a growing body of research that suggests computer games can stimulate successful learning environments and provide motivational contexts for learning. This includes a recent collaborative research report from Learning and Teaching Scotland and Futurelab UK which evaluates the impact of console games in the classroom.

For more information on how computer games in education is helping to transform teaching and learning, view/download our eBook below.

Additionally, if you are attending the NAACE 2012 Conference later this week, the author of this eBook, Ollie Bray, will be delivering an interesting session on this topic during the Microsoft sponsored breakout session.

We hope you can join us!

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