Unlock the business value of information – Free webinar with the Register

Information is one of the most important assets of public sector organisations. Unlocking the value of information and making it available for citizens, regulators and management whilst avoiding any data privacy issues is a constant challenge.

Microsoft and The Register have recently commissioned an independent study conducted by Freeform Dynamics on the challenges relating to Business Intelligence in the Public Sector.

At our webinar, hosted by Jon Collins of the Register, you can find out more about this illuminating research and hear directly from:

Webinar: Unlock the business value of your information

When: Tuesday March 13th 2012, 11:00-12:00

Register: Online here

The webinar will address a number of key issues identified by the research and explore real-world solutions that may help you to make more effective use of your current investment in business intelligence tools:

  • How to manage the growing requirements for information to comply with statutory obligations
  • How to make information more accessible to the public without compromising security
  • How to manage the deluge of information requests both internally and externally (e.g. FoI requests)
  • How to be more agile in adapting business intelligence capabilities to the needs of the business
  • How to unlock the value of information by providing more ‘self-service’ business intelligence tools and capabilities

You can find out more and register online here to take part in the Microsoft and The Register interactive webinar on how to ‘unlock the business value of information’ in your organisation.

All participants at the webinar will also receive a FREE copy of the report on ‘Unlocking the business value of information’ prepared by Freeform Dynamics on behalf of Microsoft and The Register

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