Banish Attachments Forever!

Please see attached…

Ok, put your hands up. Who still sends files as attachments in their email?

Come on, be honest! Embarrassed smile

I’m guilty of it myself – just ask my boss, after I dropped a 7MB “email bomb” on him recently. Despite having both SharePoint Online and SkyDrive at my fingertips there are times I find myself slipping back into the “old” way of sharing files.

The life of an attachment (skip ahead)


SkyDrive is free!

And with Live@edu every single user gets one because they already have a Windows Live ID. So why not start sharing files that way – you can share with anyone, not just people inside your institution. Download the SkyDrive Gadget for Xobni and send links to your documents on SkyDrive right from Outlook.

You can find out more about how much attachments suck over at the SkyDrive site, including how you can be a great friend in letting others know how they can avoid clogging up your inbox with their attachments, too!

How do you share files?

Have you been using SkyDrive for a while? Do you have some other clever trick for avoiding those large attachments? Let us know in the comments!

Originally posted on the Live@edu blog

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