Safer Internet Day with CEOP – Free online safety resources and training programmes

Yesterday saw Safer Internet Day 2012 (SID) with CEOP. This has taken months of planning from the CEOP team who have worked continuously to ensure that, whilst your children are using the internet to complete homework, play games to relax or chat to friends through social networks, parents and teachers alike know and understand what actions to take to ensure they stay safe online.

From 6pm-9pm on 7th February, the CEOP team were on line via their facebook page answering any questions that came through from teachers and parents alike to give advice on best practices around internet safety and the challenges they face as their children grow up online.

Over the 3 hours, over 80 people contacted CEOP, with both queries and thanks for the work that has been put in to provide free resources and training programmes for teachers to deliver directly to young people in schools through the Think U Know website, including the the Keeping up with the Joneses short 50’s style trailer to get parents to think about their children’s online lives.

‘’Well done CEOP on your excellent work on internet safety very informative and easy to understand please keep up the good work.’’

Along with this, CEOP’s very own Jonathan Baggaley and with the help of others, produced ‘’The Parents and Carers Guide to the Internet’’, using a fun and interactive way to equip you with the tools to have those tricky conversations with children and young adults.


A big congratulations to the CEOP team. Overall SID was very successful, communicating key messages across with useful resources available to use for both parents evenings and in the classroom as part of a learning tool for everyone.

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  1. arta says:

    i would like to have training online with you guys.

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