Safety Internet Day – raising awareness with the BBC and CEOP

The BBC’s Share Take Care campaign is part of its commitment to media literacy and online safety for young people. Working in partnership with The UK Safer Internet Centre to support Safer Internet Day (SID), (tweet #SID2012) the BBC’s campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues around safeguarding reputation online.

Helping to raise awareness, the BBC have bought together using Horrible Histories, a number of short light hearted video clips.image


Horrible Histories - Lady Jane Grey
Be aware of what you download!

Horrible Histories - Guy Fawkes
Privacy Settings

Horrible Histories  - Saxon Monk
Internet Video’s are Forever



As part of Safer Internet Day, this year, CEOP are launching the ‘Parents and Carers’ Guide to the Internet’. This informative 20 minute film is being shared widely by both CEOP and their many partners. You can view this and get up to date advice here

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