School in a Box: Helping to ensure you are always a step ahead

School in a Box, is a way of achieving the following:

  • Improving your current ICT offering, starting right now
  • Future-proofing your ICT, in a fast moving environment
  • Cutting your overall ICT costs
  • Saving time on maintenance routines, giving it back as time to manage and lead your ICT policy

The phrase we’re thinking of here is IT as a Service. Think about your other services – gas, electricity, water. You don’t generate your own electricity; you don’t have a private gasworks. What you have are boxes in a cupboard with numbers to phone if the supply goes down.

In the coming years, the delivery of IT will evolve to adopt a similar more utility orientated delivery model, and that’s what we aim for with IT as a service. IT provision on a consumption basis that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your business, or in your case, your school.

And, of course, what makes it possible is the internet and the opportunities for hosted services delivered over the web. Or to phrase differently, “cloud” based services.

To learn more about School in a Box, download the full eBook from our SlideShare account or view the document below.

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