Online Forms in SharePoint – Live Meeting

At West Hatch High School in Essex, Alan Richards, the Information Systems Manager, has transformed the way the School works and 18 months ago started a paperless School project that has saved the School significant amounts of money while also increasing the availability of data to staff and parents.

Using out of the box features of SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010 & SharePoint Designer 2010, Alan has created a range of online forms that are used for collecting data.  Workflows are then utilised to send data to all the relevant staff members, and because the data is stored centrally in SharePoint, it is easy to retrieve and analyse.


Well, now you have an opportunity to hear and see what Alan has done for yourself. Starting on the 1st December, Alan is running a series of 3 live meetings in which he will go through step by step how to produce an online form and create workflows to fit your business needs. The Live Meetings will take the form of lessons which will culminate in the production of a simple SharePoint based helpdesk that you could use in your own organisation. Furthermore, the lessons will teach you the skills to design and produce your own forms and workflows.

To register for the first live meeting you can use the link below

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