Better virtual communication with Selection and Microsoft BPOS

We can all appreciate that the everyday running of a school with lesson planning, meetings between staff and communications, as well as many other aspects, are all extremely important to ensure a productive experience for both staff and students. So what happens if productivity begins to falter due to something as simple as a web-based e-mail system?

That’s exactly what happened at Langley Grammar School. For many years, the school had been using an e-mail system that allowed only very basic functionality. With no sophisticated communication tools such as access to shared calendars, they relied heavily on the e-mail system they had in place to communicate virtually with one another, although the e-mail system didn’t even allow meeting invites to be sent out!

This made the working day very hard to plan and so when the system in place started to experience further issues, the decision was made to invest in an integrated communications solution.

Needing a system that would allow distribution lists to be created and provide access to shared calendars, as well as other functionalities to help bring a more professional approach to the everyday running of the school and teaching, Assistant Head Teacher, Simon Cook made the decision to turn to Microsoft Gold Partner, Selection for help to turn around the school’s communication problems, who recommended Microsoft BPOS (Business Productivity Online Services) to help achieve their objectives. Since turning to BPOS, the internal communication process has improved immensely as well as saving vast amounts of the staff’ time!

Previously, a lot of time had been used up trying to organise meetings amongst the staff with no visibility to availability. Now with the use of BPOS, a member of staff can set up a meeting within minutes and can easily see when other staff can attend.

“We are so much better organised now that we are using Outlook – the sharing facility means that everyone can see what everyone else is doing, and also access the school year calendar so knows what the term times are and who is teaching when.” – Simon Cook, Assistant Head Teacher

Working with Selection hasn’t stopped here either. After seeing how successful and easy the integration of BPOS had been, Langley Grammar School have used them to help with other IT projects, with the most recent being the virtualization of five servers. In the long term this will drive cost savings for the school but in the short term, the biggest benefit is that only one back up has to be done for numerous systems, again a great time saver.

“It was an impeccable changeover. Selection managed the project really well and everything went very smoothly.”

If you would like to read more, Selection has several case studies, including Langley Grammar School, on their website

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