Consumerisation of IT in Education

While looking through my Twitter feed this morning over a quick coffee, I came across a great Tweet from Mark Reynolds, a member of the education team here at Microsoft, with a link to an interesting video presenting some of the key drivers around the concept of the consumerisation of IT.

Seemingly a ubiquitous term within the media and around the water cooler, consumerisation of IT is blurring the lines between how technology is used at home and within the workplace and the video does a nice job of presenting some of the current challenges faced by organisations and, more specifically, IT professionals in this rapidly changing IT landscape.

What about within the education sector, though? How is the impact of the consumerisation of IT changing the way that IT is offered and managed within schools, colleges and universities?

With the recent changes within the sector, such as budget cuts and the need for an increased focus on delivering superior student experience, making the call to embrace the consumerisation of IT louder than ever, how are you viewing this shift?

I would love to hear how you are adapting, if at all, to this new way of thinking about IT delivery. We are looking to create a series of posts over the coming months addressing this important theme and it would be great to share as many examples from the education community within these posts as possible. 

Thanks in advance for your time and look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.


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