No-Code Designer Solutions for SharePoint 2010 training course

One of our partners, Collabco Software, have written a post I would like to share with you on SharePoint 2010 and the opportunity for a course on creating no-code SharePoint Designer Solutions. Please take a look below and if interested, details on how to enrol are given at the end.

Information Technology has been continually evolving over the last 20 years. During this time it would be fair to say that the volume of applications within any typical education institution has continually grown, and the infrastructure required has therefore become much more complex. Simultaneously with this growth comes ever increasing Information Technology related costs, and conflicts between departmental and institution-wide I.T agendas. At a time of increasing budget demands and greater student expectations something needs to change.

SharePoint is often implemented as Intranet enabling Information Portals/Dashboards, Collaboration, Search and Document Management, but some of its key capabilities are often overlooked.

SharePoint 2010 provides a great feature set to enable all these things. However the time and expertise involved in integrating to existing applications is significant. Not just a SharePoint perspective, but also application specific knowledge is often required, and that can have a high cost attached, requiring application vendors to be brought in. The question then is, why aggregate lots of applications when some of them need not exist in the first place?

One powerful set of features which SharePoint provides is an application development platform, however this is one with a key difference. A development platform that allows ordinary users to implement applications without entering a single line of code! This capability, described by Microsoft as “Composites”, allows an I.T department to provide a central governed environment that enables business users to create their own database and workflow applications, to meet their exact requirements, without involving yet another application vendor.

There are now courses that specialise in training for SharePoint Designer specifically targeted to the education sector in order that they can implement these changes themselves. This allows them to achieve a closer business fit, lower costs, and also enables users to transform their organisation and increase efficiency, whist at the same time keeping the I.T people happy. These courses are specifically developed and are instructed by experienced consultants, who have had involvement with Implementing SharePoint into the education sector.

Creating No-Code SharePoint Designer Solutions for SharePoint 2010 is a course taking place this winter specially designed for the education sector.

This course will demonstrate how to make the most out of SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 without having to engage in any custom development. The course demonstrates how to create business solutions using nothing more than a browser and SharePoint Designer 2010. The course is designed both to teach and to give the user hands-on experience with the most valuable functionality of SharePoint Server 2010.

For more details on how you can take part in these course this winter contact Collabco Software on 0845 0507 380 or email and ask about Elev8ted.  Alternatively you can check out the website.

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