How do you showcase students’ work to a much wider, perhaps even global, audience?

Blog post created in association with Steve Gillott, Head of IT at Wootton Bassett School:

Wootton Bassett School in Wiltshire run an annual exhibition of students’ work in their Design, Art and Technology Show, and have used Microsoft Photosynth and the free Image Composite Editor to create a virtual exhibition of students’ work on the web.

The panoramas of the Design, Art and Technology Exhibition were created by taking a number of photographs of the exhibition which overlapped, and then imported into the Microsoft Image Composite Editor, a free download from ICE then stitches all the photographs together seamlessly and can upload the resulting high-resolution panorama to the Photosynth website. You can see the finished panoramas at and


But to really get a feel of what it was like to be at the exhibition, Steve Gillott, Head of ICT at Wootton Bassett School, also created a Photosynth which you can see at Photosynth creates a 3D visualisation from many photos taken from lots of different angles and perspectives. Steve said, “The synth allowed us to recreate the exhibition in 3D, so virtual visitors can really get a feel of how the exhibition was laid out in the hall. The Photosynth also allows you to step much closer to the work to see it in even greater detail – almost like being there! The really exciting and powerful use of the tool is getting feedback on the work from people all over the world. The students are really excited to know that their work has reached such a global audience.”


By using the ‘highlights’, you can quickly move to a particular point in the hall, and step closer and closer to see the detail in the work.

clip_image003 clip_image004

You can find other synths such as Stonehenge and the Sphinx which make great classroom resources to explore at You’ll need a Live ID and the latest version of Silverlight installed to create your own synths.

If you would like to write a guest post to showcase how you are embracing technology within your school, leave your details in the comments below or get in touch via Twitter.

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