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I woke up this morning and immediately the first thing I thought was, I did order the lunch didn’t I? I hope so otherwise I have a lot of hungry teachers, head teachers and IT network managers at Microsoft Campus today!

So today was our ‘’Fun, Free Forum’’ at our offices in Thames Valley Park. A day packed with quick, sharp and some amusing presentations showing off some of our solutions and software. Many people didn't (until now) know that we had so much free software that can be used to engage students and make learning more interactive and fun in the classroom.

If you came along today, myself and my team hope you had a good time and would like to thank you for taking the time out of your school to join us. We appreciate it is hard to find cover especially as many schools are coming to the end of their school year and also have the added pressure of exam time!

As promised, here are the links and information to the software and products we had on show today for you to download and integrate into your lessons , so if you were not able to make today, no fear – it’s all here!

SkyDrive and Office Web Appskudo

Get online@home


Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

Bing Maps

Bing Search

Bing Translator

Community Clips

Worldwide Telescope

Small Basic

Partners in Learning NetworkClippy

AutoCollage – sign up to PiL for free download!

Office Ribbon Hero 2



Deep Zoom Composer


Windows Live Writer




Mouse Mischief

Microsoft EES Licensing

Microsoft Learning Suite - more free downloads

Here’s the video that we made as a group – enjoy!

Myself and my colleagues enjoyed showing these products and solutions off today and would like to think that there will be a Kodu or a Clippy in your classroom soon!

Oh, and I remembered the lunch!

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