See Stephen Heppell using the Learning Gateway at Parklands Primary School, 8th March 2011

Educational guru and LP+ Chairman Stephen Heppell will be presenting at Parklands Primary School, Northamptonshire on 8th March 2011 to demonstrate the future of online learning and how ICT and VLE’s can transform learning and parental engagement. School leaders, teachers and students will talk about learning platforms in used in the classroom.

Other speakers will include -

Tom Rees – Head at Little Harrowden School which has embedded a technology-rich school improvement strategy. Tom is a driving force in the Northants  Better Learning using Technology (BLT) Network

Tony Sheppard - Tony is a Harnessing Technologies manager at Northamptonshire County Council 

Chris Dickens  -A teacher who has used the LP+ learning platform to great effect with his year 4 class over recent years and will be showcasing the build and customisation of class sites.

This free event will showcase how schools used the LP+ learning platform to drive school improvement and engage users. The LP+ platform is a cloud based service built on the Microsoft Learning Gateway framework. The session will end with a Q and A session, where all attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions pertinent to the current situation regarding online learning and school budgets.

If you would like to attend this event, please register here.

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