The BETT Futures Presentation

For three days now at BETT 2011 I've been presenting with a colleague, Mark Stewart, about some of the websites and products that students use in their social lives, and talking about how they could also be useful for teachers and schools. As it has been such a busy week, I've not had chance to get this list up before now, nor write long descriptions of each of the sites. But here's the list, and I'd encourage you to take a look at what they can do, and see if they might be useful for your teachers. My favourite of the lot is the Montage site.

Microsoft Montage

Allows you to create your own 'daily' subject specific paper - ideal to put on the whiteboard as a lesson opener

The montage examples I used was this one about floods


Microsoft Chronozoom needs Silverlight, and then gives you the history of the universe, all on one zoomable web page

Interactive Battle of Britain

Uses Photosynth and DeepZoom to create an immersive learning experience


Allows you to view, and create your own, 3D explorable models from a set of standard 2D photographs

Office Web Apps

Try out Office Web Apps for yourself, and see what your students can do with it without needing Office installed on their home computer

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