Saving Money with ICT – Free eBook download

So the budget cuts have arrived – and the pressure is on to save money in schools. And ICT leaders in schools around the country are going to need to hone their skills to justify the investments they are bidding for.

Since late 2009 I’ve been working to look at how ICT can help save schools money – either saving in the ICT budget, or another area.

There are areas where ICT can help you make simple and effective cost savings in your school budget. Savings of up to a staggering £350,000 over 3 years.

eBook front coverI've collected many of the stories and examples into a new eBook - Saving Money with ICT - which contains many of the examples and stories that will help you to see how you can help your school save money.

You can download the Money Saving ebook via this link, or click on the front page on the right.

I hope that you find it useful - it's not meant to provide all of the answers, and I'm sure you'll have other ideas. But I believe it's a great starting point to your planning for this year and beyond.

I have one really simple goal: To help the ICT team in school to explain to the leadership team how they can help out the rest of the school.

I hope that what I’m going to share will help you move the conversation 
I need £5,000 to upgrade some software
Can I go on a training course costing £1,000
If we invest £5,000 now, we’ll save £10,000 by the end of the year
which is the kind of thing that head teachers like to hear!

Download your own copy of the Saving Money with ICT eBook

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