Webinar on Application Virtualisation – 9th November

clip_image001[4]On Tuesday 9th November at 2pm, Remote IT Solutions, one of our education partners, are running a one hour webinar for education establishments on application virtualisation. Given the large numbers of applications that you're supporting, across a wide range of curriculum areas, then this is one route to get a more manageable network, and to remove dependencies between software versions.

Two typical scenarios in education that it's really useful for are:

  • Getting the latest version of Windows out to your users, without being stopped by decades-old curriculum software that needs Windows 3.1
  • Using different versions of software for different users or uses. This is especially handy when you want to upgrade your Office suite, but your MIS team still demand Office 2003. Or you need the latest Office 2010 for some students, whist some courses need to finish off using Office 2003.

In this Remote IT Solutions Live webinar, Dave Moore, Datacenter & Virtualization Technical Specialist will discuss and demonstrate how you can accelerate your application migration projects by automating application deployments with using Microsoft Application Virtualization.  The demonstrations will show you how to integrate Citrix VDI with Microsoft® App-V, delivering App-V virtualized applications to any user on any device anywhere. You can now extend the benefits of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack to reach a broader set of devices including lightly managed and non-Windows devices across local or wide area networks. Learn how to create, configure, publish, and maintain virtual applications with Microsoft Application Virtualization.

Dave's going to be doing live demonstrations, including:

  • Create a Virtual Application Using the App-V Sequencer
  • Launch a Virtual Application and Review Client Configuration
  • Publish a Virtual Application Using Full Infrastructure Mode
  • Update a Virtual Application Using App-V
  • Deprovision a Virtual Application
  • Run Microsoft Office 2010 in an App-V Virtualized Environment
  • Use App-V Metering to Manage Application Licenses
  • Use Dynamic Suiting to Create a Plug-in Dependency for Virtual Applications

You will have the ability to ask questions and get answers throughout the webinar, and they've promised that it won't end until all your questions are answered!

Learn MoreSign up here for the webinar (2-3pm on 9th November)

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