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One consistent message that I've been hearing from schools is that training budgets are being cut dramatically, and there are fewer CPD opportunities for teaching staff. And over time this could have an impact on the adoption of ICT in your school - how do you get support and help for teachers in your school when you don't have the budget for training? Well, Kristen and Stuart, running the UK Partners in Learning programme, may well have the answer…

At a time of enormous change in the UK’s education systems, Microsoft is launching the first ever UK Innovative Schools Programme, bringing together a community of schools to work together and learn from each other and from education experts around the world for one year.


Through this programme, we’ll provide 10 schools in the UK with the following benefits:

  • Microsoft Innovative Schools plaque, web site banner and status
  • Formal mentor relationship with one of 10 carefully-selected outstanding Mentor schools in the programme
  • Access to virtual and in-person training from Microsoft and renowned education experts from around the world
  • Support (funding) towards travel to mandatory in-person meetings and school visits
  • Support in conducting your own professional development events for schools in your area
  • Access to the global Innovative Schools community of thousands of international schools

Microsoft first started our global Innovative Schools Programme in 2007, and we have had one English school and 2 Scottish schools take part in this programme thus far. We’re thrilled that schools in the first-ever UK programme will be able to take advantage of the experts, learning and resources provided to the global programme – as well as being able to connect with the schools themselves.


If you think your school would benefit from this experience, then hop over to our Teachers Blog to find out about the application process.

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