Getting started on cost saving–a practical seminar at Microsoft from Dimension Data

Dimension Data are running an event here at Microsoft HQ on 3rd November, which will provide practical steps to saving money with ICT.

So the budget cuts have arrived – and it appears that for the moment, the biggest cuts are in schools’ capital budgets. Firstly we saw the Harnessing Technology Grant cut by £50M, then the BSF programme was cancelled, and on the same day another £50M was cut from the Harnessing Technology Grant – the only dedicated ICT grant for schools.

There have been various doom-laden forecasts of the impact of these cuts, but although the government have cut the specific ring-fenced ICT spend by 50%, schools have always decided how much of their own budget they too will invest in ICT to support teaching and learning. Last year, the Harnessing Technology Grant accounted for around one quarter of all schools ICT spending  - so the overwhelming majority of investment came from each school’s individual budget decisions, taken after they’d decided on the relative priority of investing in ICT compared to other resources, and their staffing budgets.

Of course, things are not good. It’s going to be tougher to justify investment in ICT – especially after so many years of plenty. And ICT leaders in schools around the country are going to need to hone their skills to justify the investments they are bidding for.

There are areas where ICT can help you make simple and effective cost savings in your school budget. From the work so far, it’s clear that you could make a big difference in a secondary school by saving up to a staggering £350,000 over 3 years or £90,000 in a Primary School, ensuring that learning in schools is not jeopardised.

Find out how to get started on cost saving with ICT

Through technologies like virtualisation, power management, or embracing unified communications, the savings can soon mount up, and the savings are year on year, every year. It’s time to switch, stop and save. You can see more examples of saving through technology here.

Dimension Data, in partnership with Microsoft want to take you on a journey, to show you the art of the possible, and the real world savings that can be made through technology. You’ll also hear from a real-world educational establishment on their experiences, and the savings they’ve made.

If you’re interested in understanding how Dimension Data and Microsoft can help you, please register with Dimension Data. The event will be held on the 3rd November at Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading.

And as a special offer, the first 10 people to register today before 3:00pm (16th September), and attend, will receive a free Infrastructure Optimisation Assessment, courtesy of a Microsoft-trained consultant from Dimension Data, enabling you to understand how your existing investments, combined with new technologies can help you better address your challenges.

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