The Microsoft Summer Camp 2010 for teachers

I’ve just got back from holiday (a week in Corfu, thanks very much for asking) and I’m just about to head off for a last few days (a long weekend camping in Dorset – which may be challenged by the weather!).

Which means I missed the teachers Summer Camp last week, run by Kristen and Stuart. It’s an event we’ve run for a couple of years, with 20 teachers invited to spend a few days at our Reading campus, and share good practice on the use of ICT in learning with each other.

Stuart has written a summary of it on our Teachers blog, but what really helped me to get an idea of what I missed was David Rogers blog post (David is a school Geography Curriculum Leader), which provided an excellent overview of what he got out of the summer camp. And I also liked Graeme Eyre’s list of the apps and add-ins from Microsoft that he learnt about during the week.


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