The Home Access Programme opens up again–briefly

I’ve just read on the Home Access website that the programme has been re-opened, after it closed in mid-June. The reason is that there are some parents who’ve not returned their grant application forms.

Limited funding is still available for the Home Access main programme due to some families choosing not to return their application forms. Click here to find out if you are eligible for a Home Access Grant. With only 10,000 grants left to award we would strongly encourage any families with an application form at home to complete it and send it back immediately

This is good news if there are some families in your school that could have qualified, but missed the original programme, then there’s a last chance to help them.

In case you need a reminder here’s a quick summary of the Home Access Programme: Disadvantaged children (think: who qualify for Free School Meals) in KS2 and KS3 can get a free computer and broadband connection, fully funded by a Home Access grant card. Parents apply for the grant on 0333 200 1004 , receive a special Barclaycard, and can then go and spend it on specific approved computers with specific approved suppliers. And it’s England only.

And here’s my recommendations on where to send your parents (although the laptop specs may be a little out of date, as I haven’t updated it since the original scheme closed, the overall advice still applies). And finally, here’s the Becta suppliers page.

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