The Home Access Programme starts to wind down

Becta have updated the Home Access website to say:

Last call for application packs to be sent to eligible families...

The Home Access has been very successful with over 200,000 grants awarded. Based on current application return rates it is unlikely that we will be sending out application packs for the main programme after the third week of June. We would strongly encourage any families who think they are eligible for a Home Access Grant to apply without further delay and anyone with an application form at home should complete it and send it back immediately.

So it seems that the 270,000 grants for free computers are nearly all allocated – with just a week left for parents to apply to get their application pack (PC Advisor reckons it may close Monday). I wrote an overview of the Home Access Scheme here if you want a quick summary of which parents may qualify, and to help them to act before the scheme closes. And I also wrote a summary of my recommendations for Home Access supplier choices.

Given the messages about the perilous state of the deficit, it’s a pleasant surprise that the scheme has continued to the end of the original grant amount – but I’m guessing we’re not likely to see an extension, as I would think it would be hard for the Treasury to find the funding to extend it.

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  1. Snork says:

    Got mine this week so still some available

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