I love Live Writer

I’ve noticed that over time, I’m using Word less and less, and Windows Live Writer more and more. I guess it reflects two things:

  • Most of the things I write are designed to be published on the web – often on this blog
  • I love software that makes it really easy to publish on the web

And that’s where Windows Live Writer comes in. If you, or your students, write for a blog, then read on…

What is Windows Live Writer?

Basically, I think of it as a word processor for blogs. It lets me write an article or blog post, easily add images, links and videos, and then publish it onto my blog. And because it’s an application on my laptop, I can write my blog posts offline, and then when it’s finished I hit publish. When I used to write blog posts directly in the blog website, I’d often accidentally hit the wrong button in my Internet browser, and lose all my work.

imageAnother problem it solves is that of consistent formatting of information on your blog. Often, when editing posts online, I’d paste in a bit of text from somewhere else, I’d find it was published with bizarre fonts and formatting. Live Writer solves that and strips away the kind of formatting you don’t want (like funny fonts) but leaves in the things you do (like bold and italics, and especially hyperlinks).

And it makes it easy to put fancy pictures into your blog posts, because it automatically formats and uploads them – all with one click of the “Publish” button

Where do I get it?

You can download Windows Live Writer free as part of Windows Live Essentials suite.

Inside secret: There’s a new version of Windows Live Writer coming soon, as the Windows Live team are working on a whole new wave of Live software. You can read about this work, and be first to get the new version, by keeping an eye on their blog.

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