Welcome to our new look blog

You may have noticed a few changes - because we've been busy modifying this blog design, along with completely rebuilding the system that it runs on.

I hope you like our new look - and find the information you want more easily. Some of the changes we've made to help you are:

  • You can now easily subscribe by email to this blog - and get updates delivered straight into your inbox. Somewhere over on the top right, you'll see a little box that you can put your email address into. And you can unsubscribe just as easily (if you bore easily)
  • It's easy to find content using tags down the right are now so much easier to use. The menu on the right of this page shows the top 25 tags that have ever been used on the blog, but if you click on one of them, you can see all of the tags - making it easy to find posts with the same subject - like Office 2010, or Free Stuff
  • You can sort the blog posts by when they were published, how many views they've had, and which have most comments.
    No prizes for guessing that Shift Happens has the most views and comments. The second most commented post is How to get the best deal on Microsoft software in Education
  • You can now rate posts using the five little stars above each post. Hey, whilst it's new, be nice to me.
  • Temporarily the search now searches every blog on the MSDN site, not just this one. That's great - if you want to search thousands of blogs, but if you want to find content on just this one, it's a pain. Next month it'll be back to normal, but in meantime, perhaps experiment with tags to find stuff easily.

Any thoughts on this? Well, click on the post title and you can then drop onto the page to leave comments. Pretty please.

Comments (1)

  1. Ric_ says:

    Very shiny Ray! I look forward to seeing your next interesting post… oh the withdrawl symptoms!

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