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Yesterday in discussions about what content goes onto this blog, and the others I write, I promised somebody I’d write a list of Microsoft team blogs that I’d recommend reading. The discussion was started by the question “Does your blog contain everything that’s relevant to education and Microsoft?”. And the answer is definitely “No” – I only have the bandwidth to write about the bits I think are really important or really interesting to people interested in Microsoft news on education IT. There are lots of other related blogs that focus on specific products or technologies.

Saying I’d write a list turned out to be easier than doing it, but here is, finally, a list of blogs that you might want to consider reading/subscribing to.

Microsoft Education Blogs

Firstly, in addition to this one, there’s five key UK specific blogs, written by members of the Microsoft education team here in Reading

Then there’s some worldwide ones, written outside of the UK

Other Microsoft team blogs

Product team blogs



Other Microsoft product blogs


There are thousands of blogs written by either Microsoft teams, or individual employees, so if you’re looking for something specific, the best way is to search on the Microsoft Communities page (which maintains a list of 1,686 blogs today – but that’s still only a small proportion of the total)

imageSearch the blogs list to find others

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  1. You left off my computer science education blog. 🙂 http://blogs.msdn.com/alfredth

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