Friday’s Fortune Cookies

On Friday, when I offered to send out packs of Office 2010 Overview sheets, I also offered a goodie bag for the first person to send me the correct answers to my ridiculous Fortune Cookie competition. Congratulations to John Duggan, who was first to get the full list of correct answers into my email inbox within an hour. And honourable mentions to Peter Dean from Birmingham, James Schlackman from Reading, John Doyle from Swindon , Steve Gillott in Wiltshire and Thom McKiernan from Wellingborough – they all got the answers right, but just didn’t have the same emailing speed that John managed.

The correct answers were:


OneNote 2010

Your genius comes in many forms


Excel 2010

You are a model of efficiency


Outlook 2010

You really make contact


Word 2010

You are the author of your own success


SharePoint Workspace 2010

You can take it with you


PowerPoint 2010

You look great

John’s goodie bag will go in the post today. I’ll see if I can think up an equally ridiculous quiz for next week.

Comments (1)

  1. John Godfrey says:

    Well done John, we often have our own fortune cookie competitions, great fun for the kids

    John Godfrey

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