What’s new in Word 2010 for teachers

It’s starting to seem like a soap opera series. I kicked off with the “What’s new in PowerPoint 2010 for teachers” video on Tuesday, and then Ben Nunney contributed “OneNote 2010 for teachers and students”.

Now, for Word 2010, it’s Mark A’Bear’s turn (those of you who know some of the team will now Mark who’s like the wise old owl of the team – a vast store of knowledge and not likely to create a fuss. Unfortunately Mark’s also got an odd sense of very dry humour – which is often aimed at me in the Office. You’ll see what I mean!)

His run through looks very quickly at some of the new things in Word 2010, which teachers will find useful when preparing classroom materials for students.

A Quick Look at Word 2010

PS If you like Mark’s sense of humour, then you’ll be glad to know that he’s doing at least three of the demonstrations at the Fun, Free Friday for Schools event in Reading on 11th June.

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