Windows InTune beta – something to put on your ICT strategy roadmap?

After writing the summary this morning on the cloud-based services from Microsoft, it’s now out of date. This afternoon we’ve launched Windows InTune as a beta. At the moment this isn’t available in the UK, so I’m including it on the blog so that you can think about its place in your future ICT strategy, but we have confirmed that the service will be fully available within a year of the beta programme.

This is a new future cloud service for managing Windows PCs over the web, announced through the limited beta programme. It allows you to use a single web-based console, with tools for updates, malware protection, troubleshooting, remote assistance, security policy configuration and desktop virtualisation. The aim is to simplify PC management and improve the end-user experience, and also to reduce the number of servers you need to run to keep your infrastructure going – reducing capital expenditure. It also includes the upgrade licences for Windows 7 Enterprise, anti-virus and other management tools for the workstations that are covered.

Windows InTune has been designed for medium-sized networks – from tens to a few hundred PCs – so school networks fit exactly the profile.

How do you buy Windows InTune?

You will pay per-PC, per-month, and it can be purchased individually, or as part of your existing volume licence agreement. Pricing  (Academic or otherwise) hasn’t been announced yet, so we’ll have to wait until nearer release to compare it to today’s pricing model for education networks.

Where to find out more on Windows InTune

The Windows InTune website has plenty of detail – including an easy to understand FAQ page. There’s also a Windows Blog post with an overview.

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