Office 2010 availability dates for schools

imageWe have been developing Office 2010 for quite a while now – and many of you have been taking part in that by running the beta versions (at the last count, 7.5 million people have downloaded the beta version).

Late on Friday, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 reached their last stage in the development process – called Release To Manufacturing (RTM in geek-speak). That means that it is finished and ready to go, and the code is then released to be made into the final product – whether that’s creating the DVDs that you buy in a shop, or creating the download websites for our volume licence customers.

Making the physical disks takes a little longer than the download sites, so here are the dates when you will be able to get hold of Office 2010:

  • April 27 – If you already have Office and bought Software Assurance you can download from the Volume Licensing Service Centre
    This covers all schools who have a School Agreement or SESP, and those of you who’ve bought Office 2007 under the Select licence with the Software Assurance.
  • May 1 – You can buy new Office 2010 licences from your Microsoft partner under School Agreement, SESP or Select.
  • June – Home users can buy a retail copy of Office 2010 from the shops

If you’ve missed it, here’s a brief overview of what’s new in Office 2010.

And here’s my view on the Top 10 reasons Office 2010 is good for schools.

Comments (3)

  1. admin@stmargarets says:

    Is it still going to be on the volume license site today?

  2. admin@stmargarets says:

    Is it still going to be on the volume license site today?

  3. Ray Fleming says:

    Yes, it should be. However, don’t forget that the volume license site is based on Seattle time, so it’s currently 8 hours behind us, and the sun will be rising on the Pacific now. If my memory serves me right, then it was about 4-5pm UK time when the Windows 7 images went up.

    (And I also recall that time, the internet pipes were clearly running downhill towards Dorset, as Dave Coleman in Twynham was the first to be able to get his download)


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