Project Genie – pupils thinking about climate change and reducing school energy bills

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We’re supporting the team running “Project Genie”, which is all about making climate change meaningful to pupils in primary schools. In the pilot programme, the schools that took part saw energy use savings of up to 40% – which is pretty significant when you consider that most schools spend more on energy than they do on ICT.

The benefit of saving money, whilst at the same time engaging pupils in leading learning, is a useful mix, so I wanted to hand over to the Project Genie team to tell you about it:

genie logo houseProject Genie is your whole-school solution to teaching climate change in primary schools through the education and empowerment of children. Microsoft have played a significant role in providing a robust cloud-scale technology platform that enables genie to deliver on its promise of educating and empowering children to ensure rapid, measurable and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. For more information on the work of Project Genie go to

There’s a specific section on the site for teachers – which spells out what’s happened to date (140 pilot schools with 34,000 children), and what resources are available for KS2 (and coming for KS1). And the project has (politically balanced!) endorsement from Gordon Brown and Boris Johnson. And they’ve scored a hit with The Genie in the Bottle trailer, having persuaded Tom Baker to record the voice-over, and getting support from us, the Met Office, UCL and Global Cool.

Watch The Genie in the Bottle trailer

imageVisit the Project Genie website for more information

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