Kodu for PC – a teacher’s tutorial

Kodu for PC is a (free) visual programming language which was launched earlier this year. In the past it’s been available for Xbox, but now there’s a PC version, and it gives you another way of developing programming skills in your students. And as it uses games as the core, it helps to keep your students focused for longer. (More on Kodu for PC here)

Stuart Ridout, who’s head of ICT at Stantonbury Campus School recorded a tutorial on it, and popped it up onto YouTube. Although you can plug an Xbox controller into your PC, his tutorial is recorded just using the keyboard and mouse, so anybody can do it once they’ve downloaded Kodu. And all in under 8 minutes from blank screen to a simple game.

Stuart Ridout’s Kodu tutorial

If you can’t see the video above, then use this link

Once you’ve seen it, you may also be interested in his next two videos – as he started to re-create something like PacMan, in 3D, in Kodu – see Part One and Part Two.

And for further inspiration from Stuart, take a look at his “Visualising revision help” poster – an absolutely brilliant idea and something I’d like to see on my fridge at home when the GCSE years arrive in the Fleming household.

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