Twynham School and the Learning Gateway – free e-book and web part

clip_image002Twynham School has increasingly developed a reputation for their use of SharePoint to create a Learning Gateway for their students, parents and staff. They have been using SharePoint since 2007 and in early 2008 the systems team at Twynham School wrote a guide to the work they were doing with their Learning Gateway (which they simply called ‘the pdf’). This showed all of the early work in the first year and, along with speaking at dozens of conferences, has led to over 800 schools contacting them in the last two years to find out more.

Three years on, Mike Herrity from Twynham, has let me know of a complete update to the e-book – recording all of the their experiences. As Mike put it “With the launch of SharePoint 2010 being just two months away it makes sense to record everything we managed to do with SharePoint 2007”.

What the e-book is and is not

The main aim of the book is to give an overview of the development of the Learning Gateway over the last three years. It is not intended to give a detailed account of how and why everything was done. A version with all this detail would be over 100 pages and is perhaps a proposition for another time. The e-book is also not very text heavy and contains over 60 screenshots and is only 6,000 words so it hopefully isn’t too heavy a read. It hopefully shows what is possible for schools who are starting on their journey to SharePoint.

So now there are plenty of ways of finding out about the Twynham journey, including Mike’s excellent SharePoint in Education blog, and Chris & Dave’s technical SharePoint blog, as well as the e-book download:

imageDownload the Twynham School Learning Gateway e-book 

ps Mike also mentions that there is a free Picture Viewer webpart on page 43 of the book, which is handy for anybody who’s running SharePoint already.

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