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In the Top Money Saving Tips, the ninth one was “Stop your email servers”.  It used the example from the DCSF "’Securing our Future’ discussion guide, which prompted schools to look for efficiency savings – the example the DCSF used was London Grid for Learning, which is planning to save up to £11M a year by switching student email to Live@edu. That’s our free cloud-hosted email service, which allows you to use your existing .sch.uk domain name, but have run the servers etc at our data centre in Dublin.

Guy Shearer, Principal of Lodge Park Technology College, and Ben Nunney, who’s a Live@edu deployment specialist in Reading, did a great double-act presentation at BETT. Earlier this week, Ben and Guy relived the BETT moment by recording their presentation, and putting it up online.

So for the perfect introduction to Live@edu, then take a look at this presentation video:

Collaborating in the Cloud with Live@edu from Live At Edu UK on Vimeo.


imageFind out more about the Live@edu service

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