Saving power on the go

In the Top ICT Money Saving Tips, the second one was all around using the power saving functions of Windows, to knock £10,000 a year off your electricity bill.

With perfect timing, the Windows team, over at, have released a new video on “saving power on the go”, which is all about using the power settings on your laptop to stretch out your battery life, and reduce the power use. The video is a very simple walkthrough of what you can do (designed for normal people, not geeks!) and then there are also a series of short articles on:

A short list of hints on conserving battery power are:

  • Reduce display brightness

      • Laptop power consumption.Shorten the length of time before Windows dims and turns off the display
      • Turn off or remove devices that you aren't using
        • Many USB devices use power just by being connected.
        • If you use a USB mouse, you can save power by disconnecting the mouse and by using a touch pad or tablet pen.
        • If you use a USB flash drive, unplug it when you're not using it.

          • Turn off PC cards and integrated wireless devices
            • These devices also use power. If you don't need them, turn them off.


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