Bing Maps grows

On a regular basis, the Bing team are adding more to the Bing Maps site. And the nice thing is that you can see see it all growing on the Bing Maps beta website.

imageYesterday, I was looking up Culford School, in Suffolk, on the map – to show somebody why their cross-country route never leaves the school grounds (the benefit of a 500 acre playing field), and saw that Adrian Edgar, the IT Director at the school, has recently made a Photosynth of the main building. The reason that I know is that when you create and upload 3D Photosynth, and place it on a map, it is then visible on the new Bing Maps (see right – a little green pushpin). And it’s a simple click for the user to go from map view to 3D Photosynth view. (Here’s the direct link straight to the Culford School Photosynth)

Photosynth isn’t the only overlay – there’s a big pile of map overlays available, including recent tweets from an area, current traffic information, local events, newspaper front pages, webcams – and even the stars in the sky overhead (thanks to the WorldWide telescope).

imageYou can see all of the overlays by clicking on the Map Apps button on the Bing Maps page



imageWhilst it’s great to see so much information brought together in a new way, there are always unintended consequences. I just zoomed into the map of Reading, where our offices are, and found out that Ben Nunney was tweeting during lunch yesterday – with geolocation switched on. Turns out he blamed me because he had a pudding yesterday. Somehow, you can’t help but think there’s got to better uses for technology?

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