Getting the cold-shoulder the day after Valentine’s Day?


From today, if you’re running Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) - ie the pre-release version from last summer - then your computer will start to remind you that you really, really need to get on with upgrading to a fully released version of Windows 7. I know that quite a few IT people in school installed it on their own netbook or laptop. And some of those have been too busy since last August to get around to putting the released version on.

So, if you’re running the released version of Windows 7, you’re good. But if you’ve left upgrading too long, then you need to pay attention to it.

If you don’t, your friendship with the Release Candidate is going to be a bit like a failing relationship in your personal life:

  • From 15th Feb it’ll start by nudging you and dropping hints – like a little message here and there.
  • From 1st March, things will be a little frostier – every two hours you’ll get the silent treatment (well, a controlled shutdown) and when it is talking to you again, it’ll claim to have forgotten everything you’ve said (ie it won’t save your work when it shuts down).
  • And then finally from the first of June it’ll be terminal decline – painting your wallpaper black, announcing “This copy of Windows is not genuine” on your desktop, and refusing to talk to your friends (or at least, your Windows Update server)

More details, and advice about making the switch, on the Windows Team blog

This won’t be news to you – it was all covered in depth when we gave you the download for the RC. Just a nudge to get on with it before 1st March

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