How many people are using Windows 7 in UK schools?

imageI just had a look at the statistics for visitors to this blog, for UK Schools. It was prompted by the website sharing with me that about a quarter of their visitors are using Windows 7. The answer appears to be over a quarter now. The table is the last fortnight’s visitors.

Although I don’t believe that it means that a quarter of all school computers are running Windows 7, it is representative of network managers. And they’re probably already planning whether they are going to roll out Windows 7 to the rest of the school at Easter or in the summer.

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  1. t1mbc says:

    Hi Ray,

    Prompted by this post I got a report on the usage of RMs Kaleidos Learning Platform for the last week of January 2010. Here is the breakdown of users ‘ top 10’ by both OS and ‘ top 7’ by browser.

    I think it shows that most pupils are still using XP but that there has been a rapid move to IE8.

    Great blog keep it up.


    Operating System       % usage

    Windows XP       69.18%

    Windows Vista       12.60%

    Others               6.88%

    Linux               4.56%

    Windows 7       4.07%

    Mac OS               1.37%

    Windows Server 2003    1.11%

    iPhone OS       0.11%

    Windows 2000       0.06%

    Wii               0.02%

    Browser                % usage

    Internet Explorer 7.x 42.24%

    Internet Explorer 8.x 24.31%

    Internet Explorer 6.x 15.09%

    Firefox                5.98%

    Netscape 4.x        2.54%

    Google Chrome        1.80%

    Safari                1.28%

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