Today is Safer Internet Day

imageIf you switched on the radio this morning, you’ll have heard Jim Gamble from CEOP, and know that it’s European Safer Internet Day today. As I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago, we have been supporting schools, parents and young people in a variety of different ways. Today, we have lots of our staff, who are CEOP-trained volunteers, working in schools talking about Internet safety and helping parents and young people to protect stay safe online. In fact, I learnt earlier that it’s 100 people out and about today.

* CEOP is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, which is part of the UK police force. You can read about their work and background here

In the UK, the place to look for resources is the ThinkuKnow website, which is run by CEOP. There is a special minisite for the Safer Internet Day, and it links to specific resources for lessons, assemblies and parents meetings. On their site, they’ve got a range of ideas of what your school could do.

imageThey’ve also announced a CEOP specific version of Internet Explorer 8 that has a ‘Click CEOP’ button on the toolbar for instant access to Internet safety information for children and parents. (If you’re already using Internet Explorer 8, then you can add it to your existing toolbar).

The Click CEOP button brings up a specific menu, that helps young people to learn about staying safer online, provides links to activities, and also where appropriate links them straight through to the CEOP team. (This menu can also be installed by default on school browsers, using the download on their site).


But this isn’t just a flash-in-the-pan. Last year the UK Microsoft team directly educated 12,000 young people and 2,000 parents in online safety.  Our commitment to safeguarding young people online saw us join the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) as an executive board member.  And this year as part of the “Click Clever Click Safe” campaign UKCCIS will be launching a new digital safety code for children– “Zip It, Block It, Flag It”. 

If you want to find out about our advice to parents, or would like to contact us regarding having a volunteer from Microsoft speaking at your school, then here’s the link for more information.

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