Blog giveaway – Being Human – Human-Computer interaction in the year 2020

imageWhen Microsoft Research sponsored a conference on Human-Computer interaction they produced a fantastic book called “Being Human” (view PDF) that looked into the future, and gives an idea of what human-computer interaction might look like in a decade. It doesn’t just look at it from a Microsoft perspective, but considers a wide range of products today and research across the world that is building that future.

It’s a fascinating read and very well written. And having seen some of the work at their labs in Cambridge, it’s one of the less-scary visions of the future! Of course, it’s got the style of interface we see in the Minority Report, but also some simple ideas which take advantage of the ubiquitous connectivity (my favourite simple idea is the Whereabouts Clock – left and on page 71, which gave me an immediate “I want one of those” feeling that I haven’t had since playing with the Surface in 2008.)

Anyway, I have 6 copies to give away as a classroom resource. Just drop me an email, with your name and address, and I will stick a copy in the post.

Sorry, all the spare copies I had have been snapped up. However, I'd recommend the download of the Being Human PDF version, as there are some good sections which would make good curriculum resources.

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